Black Horse Blades

Custom Orders

If you would like a custom order please contact us and include as much detail as possible in your email or phone call. We can make any of the styles below as well as completely custom styles.

Blades We Offer:


  • Throwing knife
  • Hunting knife
  • Chef’s knife
  • Bowie knife
  • Dagger
  • Tanto knife
  • Kris Knife


  • MedievalSwords:
    • Two Handed Long Sword
    • Single Hand Long Sword
    • Bastard Sword
    • Flamberge
    • Feder
    • Short Sword
  • Japanese Swords:
    • Katana
    • Wakasashi
    • Dai Katana
    • Odachi
  • Rapier
  • Sabre
  • Scimitar

Steel is the heart of a blade. The various types of steel used in blades balance the desired characteristics of toughness, wear resistance, and edge stability. Black Horse Blades commonly uses three specific metals to create knives, swords and other custom blades: 

  • Shock Seven Steel: a 125 foot-pound shock tool steel alloy designed to resist shock and impact
  • PM-3V: a 100 foot-pound shock steel made with particle metallurgy manufacturing allowing for a higher alloy content with high edge retention
  • Vanadis Four Extra: A high-end shock steel, Vanadis 4 Extra offers excellent wear and chipping resistance, and better edge retention than the PM-3V

At Black Horse Blades, each blade receives aerospace heat treatment and cryogenic treatment along with a correct temper to insure proper hardness. Most of our blades are between 58 to 64 Rockwell depending on the steel and intended use.

Leather Work

Black Horse Blades also offers high-quality leather work and sheaths. Blade sheaths are made from 7-9 oz vegetable tanned leather. These sheaths can be made plain or customized with the following options:

  • Leather tooling
  • Leather Stamping
  • Leather Branding
  • Leather Inlay
  • Lacing Styles
    • Whip Stitch
    • Cross Stitch
    • Basket Weave
    • Braided
  • Dyeing Techniques:
    • Solid Colors
    • Antiquing
    • Painting
* Other colors upon request