Black Horse Blades

Custom Feders


Your Arbeitspferd Feder is customizable!

For you convienience we are able to customize the following:

  • Schilt Shape*
  • Handle Color*
  • Pommel Style*
  • Handle Geometry**
  • Cross Guard***

We are not able to increase the total length of the feder from 50", we are also not able to increase the blade length at this time, thank you for your understanding.

*The customizations featured below are complimentary. If you have a different shape/color in mind contact us and we will let you know if we can make that modification and/or if there is an up charge.

**We curently offer two styles of handle - standard and waisted. The wasted style is a $15.00 USD upcharge.

***If you provide us with the shape you want we will let you know if there will be a small up-charge or if we can do that shape complimentary.

Schilt Shape:

Within the following measurements I can customize the shape of the schilt. Some examples of complimentary options are featured below or you can contact me with your design and I will let you know if it would be complimentary or if there would be an upcharge.

Image description
Image description
Image description

Example of a custom schilt - Schiltless

Image description

Example of a custom schilt - Wedge

The following styles are examples of schilt styles that will not cost extra. 

Image description

Color Options:

Please choose from the following color options.

In the cord wrap we can do bi-color for no extra charge, choose two colors you would like to have and we will wrap the handle in those colors. Examples below with Scarlet & Midnight Black and Emerald & Atlantic.

Bi-colors are only available in cord wrap.

Image description
Image description

*Handle Color may be different than it appears here due to different monitor settings*

We can also do multi-colored handles for an up-charge. These are completely custom colors with custom pricing. An example of black and green dragon scales can be seen below.

Image description

Handle Styles:

Image description

Standard Handle

No up-charge

Image description

Waisted Handle

$15.00 USD up-charge

Pommel Styles:

Image description

Guard Options

The standard guard is included in the Arbeitspferd Feder design. We now offer an upgrade to a ring guard or shield guard for $80.00 USD.

The ring guard has hollow rings while the sheild guard has a plate of metal to protect your hand from stabbing. Just like our standard guard these are made from Shock Seven steel and are heat treated to provide extra durability.

Image description
Image description
Image description